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This is a default webpage that is being shown because someone has purchased a web hosting account with us but has not yet setup their own website. Why not come and see our services for yourself?


Amongst the many services we offer with our web hosting packages are: :

  • General Features

    • Website Builder
    • File Manager
    • Display Account Summary
    • Display Web Server Information
    • Free Internet Access

    Email Configuration

    • Catch All Email Forwarding
    • Email Filter Logs
    • Junk Mail Filters
    • Email Summary
    • Webmail

    Account Utilities

    • Scheduled Tasks
    • Microsoft FrontPage Extensions
    • Website Password Protection
    • IP Address Blocking
    • Change Your Password
    • Backup Your Website
    • Site Submission

    Web Resources

    • Free Software
    • 550+ Website Templates
    • 100,000+ Photos & Imagest
    • 5 Web Hosting Templates
    • Web Design Links
    • Javascript Generator

    Website Diagnostics

    • Web Space Checker
    • HTML Tools
    • Network Tools
    • CGI Script Tools

    Website Reporting

    • Webalizer Graphical Statistics
    • AWStats Graphical Statistics
    • Log File Download
    • Graphical/Text Access Counter & Hits Logger in One

    CGI/PHP Scripts

    • Locked Area Lite
    • Form to Email
    • Photo Gallery
    • Free For All Links Page
    • Website Search
    • Guestbook
    • E-Blah Discussion Board
    • Web Postcards
    • Web Auction
    • Domain Name Checker
    • 404/500 Error Page
    • Banner Advert Manager
    • Java Clock
    • Web Calendar
    • Web Survey
    • Internet Countdown
    • Random Text Displayer
    • Random Images Displayer
    • Tell-A-Friend
    • Web Ring
    • Trouble Ticket Express
    • Classified Adverts
    • WordPress Blog
    • Joomla! CMS
    • Mambo CMS
    • Geeklog - The Ultimate Weblog System
    • Nucleus Weblog
    • phpBB

More details


Encaptured.net do not design web sites or e-commerce solutions.  For this reason we have partnered with the following design companies, to offer our customers an alternative option when it comes to developing a cutting edge solution on their web sites.

Impression Media
Impression Media are a new and vibrant web solutions partnership that are able to support your web design needs from a simple but effective web site that promotes your business, to a full scale e-commerce solution aimed at multiple markets.



JMTV Design
JMTV Design offer an enormous range of off the shelf web design solutions that can be adapted with a minimum of work or they offer full design services to adapt any site design to meet your specific needs.



Starter Package

20MB of storage

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Home Package

300MB of storage

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Home Pro Package

2GB of storage

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Business Package

20GB storage

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Professional Package
Package 4

100GB storage

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Unlimited Package
Package 4

Unlimited storage

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Not sure which services you require?

If you are unsure of the service you require and are worried about the cost of upgrading/downgrading your hosting package in the future, there is no need to worry.  We guarantee that all Encaptured.net customers can either upgrade or downgrade their hosting packages without incurring any penalties or extra charges.


Partners New Soulutions Partners

We are always on the look-out for new Solutions Partners to further support our customers needs. If you are able to offer a unique service or are able to develop web based tools to the highest standards we would like to hear from you.  

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